This simulator will calculate a "power 78kg-standard" value, based on F. Portoleau's calculation method (©2013), and a performance threshold (© A. Vayer, the performance expert).
More details about these methods in the watt the fuck ? section.


Calculation parameters

Height (cm)
Cyclist weight (kg, dressed !)
Bike weight (kg)
Road condition
Wind (average, en km/h)
Exemple : No wind => 0. Low head wind => -1km/h. Strong head wind => -4km/h. Tail wind => 2km/h
Temperature (°C)
Posture on the bike
Aerodynamic equipment (aerobar, lenticular wheel, ...)
Drafting (%age)
Exemple : no drafting => 0. "usual" drafting => 2


Time s
Stage type
Total stage duration higher than 4 hours
Show me the calulcation details 

  Where do these data come from ?

Frédéric Portoleau, our "Watts expert" is doing all the power calculations. He started his times and watts measurements in 1988. The details of his work are available here.
Several chronos on the website have been measured by Vetooo, a finnish cycling fan. You can follow his activity on twitter here.
The threshold definition is done by Antoine Vayer.
"Not Normal ?", the magazine, has been created by Antoine Vayer, Stéphane Huby and Frédéric Portoleau.
Finally, the website is the work of team