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2016-03-05, 16:42 - Antoine Vayer

The Track Cycling World Championships take place in London these days, four years after the Olympic Games in the City where the english cyclists have excessively dominated the event, breaking olympic records one after another.

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It's only during the Cyclo-cross World Championships 2016 that an electric assisted bike has been discovered, but we know that other magnetic systems on the back wheel exist, more discreet and extremely efficient.
We are thrown by the speed of the legs and the accelerations of Clancy, Kenny, Pendleton in 2012, when they reach the 200m line in the curve until the opposite pursuit line.
The same magical acceleration during 100m, at the same place, they just have to maintain it until the end.

Kenny is today 27, he comes back after 3 years of absence, missing since his last world champion title in Keirin in 2013. And he's really strong : 2nd best time in the 2016 qualifications with 9sec767 ! And 9sec713 during the Olympic Games...

Baugé says that few years ago, you would have been top 3 with 10sec14.
Even David Cameron, if he's watching carefully, and if he accepts to become an expert, will be as captivated as us in front of Froome's accelerations on the top of the Ventoux 2013.

Normal ? Not Normal ?

Antoine Vayer (with Lisbeth Salander, special investigator at the 2012 OG)