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No "live" data for Vuelta 2014 ?

2014-09-02, 16:15 - Mathieu

Unlike the Tour de France 2014, we won't publish "live" data for the Vuelta 2014.
Gathering, calculating and publishing data require lot of time and energy, especially when you try to publish data with a high level of quality !

For this Vuelta 2014, four climbs could be listed in our "radar-climbs", among the 8 mountain stages :
- 3rd september, stage 11, alto de San Miguel de Aralar, mountain stage
- 7th september, stage 15, los Lagos de Covadonga, one climb stage
- 8th september, stage 16, la Farrapona, mountain stage (but not enough slope in the first part of the climb)
- 13th september, stage 20, Puerto de Ancares, mountain stage
The 4 other climbs are too short to be studied in details.
You can find all the competition details here : http://plataformarecorridosciclistas.org/2014/01/12/la-vuelta-2014-recorrido-y-perfiles-de-los-puertos/

There are others essential elements needed in order to create reliable calculations with low margin of error : accuracy of geographical data (maps, geodesy), weather conditions, and road quality. Unfortunately, it's complicated to have good estimations on the Vuelta : maps too imprecise, not perfect roads, and more heat and wind. Le Tour de France and Le Tour de Suisse often offer better conditions for accurate estimations.

We'll soon publish a study about margin of error and mathematical incertitude, written by Frédéric Portoleau.

And I hope we'll publish data for the Vuelta 2014 in few weeks, if the conditions are good enough. Because Contador, Froome, Quintana, Valverde, "Purito" and the others are about to push hundred of Watts !