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Name Bauke Mollema
Born 1986-11-26
Country Netherlands 
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Performances (climb)

ClimbStageDate Time#Power/kgPower 78kg-std
Ax 3 Domaines - BonascreTour de France 20132013-07-0624'236.11420
Hourquette d'AncizanTour de France 20132013-07-0731'515.37369
Mont Ventoux (to summit)Tour de France 20132013-07-1450'21  
Mont Ventoux (to Chalet Reynard)Tour de France 20132013-07-1431'505.83402
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20132013-07-1843'515.52380
Planche des Belles FillesTour de France 20142014-07-1417'515.93412
ChamrousseTour de France 20142014-07-1852'125.53385
Risoul (Tour 2014)Tour de France 20142014-07-1930'31#95.52384
Port de Balès (shorter section, Tour 2014)Tour de France 20142014-07-2226'54#65.72398
Pla d'Adet (full section, since 1993)Tour de France 20142014-07-2333'055.42377
HautacamTour de France 20142014-07-2439'225.72398
Plateau de BeilleTour de France 20152015-07-1646'35#375.78402
Toussuire (stiff parts)Tour de France 20152015-07-2438'30#45.50383
ToussuireTour de France 20152015-07-2446'12  
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20152015-07-2542'345.66394
Aspin (curve 900m - summit)Tour de France 20162016-07-0821'485.94410
Col de Peyresourde - West sideTour de France 20162016-07-0920'495.81401
Arcalis AndorreTour de France 20162016-07-1026'59#65.92408
Mont Ventoux 2016 (first 8km)Tour de France 20162016-07-1425'40#16.27433
Grand Colombier (lacets)Tour de France 20162016-07-1723'02#16.05417
EmossonTour de France 20162016-07-2031'076.14424
Le BettexTour de France 20162016-07-2231'005.58385
Joux-PlaneTour de France 20162016-07-2340'005.23361

Performances (average competition)

StageClimbPower 78kg-std
Tour de France 2014Hautacam, Pla d'Adet, Port de Balès, Risoul, Chamrousse389
Tour de France 2016Joux-Plane, Le Bettex, Emosson, Grand Colombier, Mont Ventoux 2016, Arcalis Andorre, Col de Peyresourde - West side, Aspin405

  Where do these data come from ?

Frédéric Portoleau, our "Watts expert" is doing all the power calculations. He started his times and watts measurements in 1988. The details of his work are available here.
Several chronos on the website have been measured by Vetooo, a finnish cycling fan. You can follow his activity on twitter here.
The threshold definition is done by Antoine Vayer.
"Not Normal ?", the magazine, has been created by Antoine Vayer, Stéphane Huby and Frédéric Portoleau.
Finally, the website is the work of team