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Port de Balès 2014 !

2014-07-23, 21:42 - Mathieu

Data are online.
You'll find 2 different sections :
- the full section, with times and watts for 2007-2010-2012. But only times for 2014, because the last 2,5km of the 2014 climb were too windy, making the calculations imprecise.
- a shorter section for 2014, ending at the "forest area" exit, 2.5km before the summit. With power estimations.

The gap between 2010 and 2014 times can be explained by the different race strategies :
The start of the climb was faster in 2014 than in 2010, due to Movistar teammates efforts.
After 9.2km, Pinot and Nibali's group were 1'15 faster than Schleck/Contador in 2010. Only 3 cyclists remained with Pinot, whereas around 15 cyclists were with Contador at that point in 2010.
Pinot ended the climb almost as fast as Contador (only 6" more).