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Name Julian Alaphilippe
Born 1992-06-11
Country France 
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Performances (climb)

ClimbStageDate Time#Power/kgPower 78kg-std
Aspin (curve 900m - summit)Tour de France 20162016-07-0821'485.96410
ColombièreTour de France 20182018-07-1723'32#165.88404
PortillonTour de France 20182018-07-2421'46#135.91406
Planche des Belles Filles - summit 2019Tour de France 20192019-07-1120'04#96.60455
Hourquette d'AncizanTour de France 20192019-07-1833'205.08350
Tourmalet - West sideTour de France 20192019-07-2051'21#25.90406
Prat d'AlbisTour de France 20192019-07-2128'23#96.04417
IseranTour de France 20192019-07-2637'40#85.39373
Lusette - South sideTour de France 20202020-09-0330'18#15.61386
Saint-Nizier-du-MoucherotteTour de France 20202020-09-1529'395.48377
Mont Ventoux (to Chalet Reynard)Tour de La Provence 20212021-02-1329'206.28433

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