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Name Simon Yates
Born 1992-08-07
Country United Kingdom 
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Performances (climb)

ClimbStageDate Time#Power/kgPower 78kg-std
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20152015-07-2542'11  
Planche des Belles FillesTour de France 20172017-07-0516'37#10  
Hourquette d'AncizanTour de France 20192019-07-1829'40#15.92405
Prat d'AlbisTour de France 20192019-07-2129'35#135.93406
IseranTour de France 20192019-07-2637'23#75.50377
Marie-Blanque - West sideTour de France 20232023-07-0517'11#46.66456
Cambasque-CauteretsTour de France 20232023-07-0613'22#26.54448
Tourmalet - East faceTour de France 20232023-07-0639'215.77396
Puy de Dôme - last 4kmTour de France 20232023-07-0915'17#46.54449
Grand ColombierTour de France 20232023-07-1444'57#56.19424
Joux-PlaneTour de France 20232023-07-1536'555.73392
Le Bettex from StGervaisTour de France 20232023-07-1620'455.94407
AmerandsTour de France 20232023-07-168'28#16.69459
Bettex (+ Amerands first)Tour de France 20232023-07-1629'13#115.57433
Loze - last 11kmTour de France 20232023-07-1934'275.87403
PlatzerwaselTour de France 20232023-07-2219'36#46.59451

Performances (average competition)

StageClimbPower 78kg-std
Tour de France 2023Platzerwasel, Loze - last 11km, Bettex, Joux-Plane, Grand Colombier, Tourmalet - East face, Marie-Blanque - West side422

  No Watts on Ventoux climb, why ?

The power calculations are too imprecise because of the wind on top, that's why they're not published. But watts are published for the "forest" section ending at Le Chalet Reynard..