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Name Jonas Vingegaard
Born 1996-12-10
Country Denmark 
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Performances (climb)

ClimbStageDate Time#Power/kgPower 78kg-std
Colombière (+ Romme first)Tour de France 20212021-07-0352'45 402
ColombièreTour de France 20212021-07-0323'57#185.73398
Montée de TignesTour de France 20212021-07-0421'15#25.40375
Mont Ventoux (to summit)Tour de France 20212021-07-0748'23  
Mont Ventoux (to Chalet Reynard)Tour de France 20212021-07-0731'415.84404
BeixalisTour de France 20212021-07-1119'43#35.97413
PortetTour de France 20212021-07-1449'06#25.98414
Luz-ArdidenTour de France 20212021-07-1535'476.09422
Planche des Belles Filles - summit 2019Tour de France 20222022-07-0819'42#16.69461
Pas de Morgins without the final 3kmTour de France 20222022-07-1033'16#15.65389
GranonTour de France 20222022-07-1335'56#16.12419
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20222022-07-1439'10#186.19423
PéguèreTour de France 20222022-07-1926'52#16.08416
PeyragudesTour de France 20222022-07-2021'47#16.15421
HautacamTour de France 20222022-07-2136'39#186.35434
Marie-Blanque - West sideTour de France 20232023-07-0516'13#17.10486
Cambasque-CauteretsTour de France 20232023-07-0613'33#56.64453
Tourmalet - East faceTour de France 20232023-07-0636'41#16.26429
Puy de Dôme - last 4kmTour de France 20232023-07-0914'32#26.91474
Grand ColombierTour de France 20232023-07-1444'37#26.27428
Joux-PlaneTour de France 20232023-07-1533'526.33433
Bettex (+ Amerands first)Tour de France 20232023-07-1626'57#15.90457
Le Bettex from StGervaisTour de France 20232023-07-1618'29#16.67456
AmerandsTour de France 20232023-07-168'28#16.70459
Loze - last 11kmTour de France 20232023-07-1933'02#16.18423
PlatzerwaselTour de France 20232023-07-2219'21#16.68457

Performances (average competition)

StageClimbPower 78kg-std
Tour de France 2021Luz-Ardiden, Portet, Beixalis, Mont Ventoux, Montée de Tignes, Colombière405
Tour de France 2022Hautacam, Peyragudes, Péguère, Alpe d'Huez, Granon, Pas de Morgins without the final 3km, Planche des Belles Filles - summit 2019423
Tour de France 2023Platzerwasel, Loze - last 11km, Bettex, Joux-Plane, Grand Colombier, Tourmalet - East face, Marie-Blanque - West side445

  No Watts on Ventoux climb, why ?

The power calculations are too imprecise because of the wind on top, that's why they're not published. But watts are published for the "forest" section ending at Le Chalet Reynard..