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Name Nairo Quintana
Born 1990-02-04
Country Colombia 
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Performances (climb)

ClimbStageDate Time#Power/kgPower 78kg-std
Ax 3 Domaines - BonascreTour de France 20132013-07-0625'216.01409
Hourquette d'AncizanTour de France 20132013-07-0731'515.42369
Mont Ventoux (to Chalet Reynard)Tour de France 20132013-07-1430'536.10416
Mont Ventoux (to summit)Tour de France 20132013-07-1449'04  
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20132013-07-1839'50#386.25426
Champex-Lac climbTour de Romandie 20152015-05-0231'06#36.08414
Pierre-Saint-MartinTour de France 20152015-07-1442'01#36.00406
Plateau de BeilleTour de France 20152015-07-1645'38#186.09412
ToussuireTour de France 20152015-07-2444'30#1  
Toussuire (stiff parts)Tour de France 20152015-07-2437'11#15.99404
Alpe d'HuezTour de France 20152015-07-2539'22#216.37430
Aspin (curve 900m - summit)Tour de France 20162016-07-0821'486.00410
Col de Peyresourde - West sideTour de France 20162016-07-0920'495.90403
Arcalis AndorreTour de France 20162016-07-1026'38#16.08415
Mont Ventoux 2016 (first 8km)Tour de France 20162016-07-1426'00#46.25427
Grand Colombier (lacets)Tour de France 20162016-07-1723'02#16.11417
EmossonTour de France 20162016-07-2030'55#106.26427
Le BettexTour de France 20162016-07-2227'33#46.34433
Joux-PlaneTour de France 20162016-07-2336'075.99407
Planche des Belles FillesTour de France 20172017-07-0516'45#14  
Planche des Belles Filles - summit 2019Tour de France 20192019-07-1120'09#46.64452
Hourquette d'AncizanTour de France 20192019-07-1833'205.14350
Tourmalet - West sideTour de France 20192019-07-2054'39#145.62383
Prat d'AlbisTour de France 20192019-07-2130'41#165.55377
IseranTour de France 20192019-07-2638'24#115.35365
Val ThorensTour de France 20192019-07-2719'58#16.21419

Performances (average competition)

StageClimbPower 78kg-std
Tour de France 2015Alpe d'Huez, Toussuire, Plateau de Beille, Pierre-Saint-Martin413
Tour de France 2016Joux-Plane, Le Bettex, Emosson, Grand Colombier, Mont Ventoux 2016, Arcalis Andorre, Peyresourde - versant Ouest, Aspin417
Tour de France 2019Val Thorens, Iseran, Galibier, Prat d'Albis, Tourmalet - versant Ouest, Hourquette d'Ancizan, Planche des Belles Filles - sommet 2019394

  No Watts on Ventoux climb, why ?

The power calculations are too imprecise because of the wind on top, that's why they're not published. But watts are published for the "forest" section ending at Le Chalet Reynard..